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Thank you for your contributions and interests over the years. We are retiring the site and it will be decomissioned on May 10, 2018. No further accounts will be provisioned as of April, 10 2018.

The Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR) is free, but you must be a registered member in order to participate and access over 2950 more items of information than what is available in the public access preview area.

If you are not registered, use the preview area for a sample of what the SEIR has to offer. If you decide to participate and wish to join, a registration form is available and can be accessed using the "register" graphic to your left.

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The purpose of the SEIR is to provide a forum for the contribution and exchange of information concerning process and performance improvement activities. Registered members can exchange questions or tips and contribute experiences or examples to assist each other with their implementation efforts. As a by-product of contributing this information, members are building a knowledge base in this repository for their future use.

The SEIR is a community based Web site. All individuals interested in process and performance improvement are welcome to participate. There is no cost to becoming a member. However, new content for the site can only be provided if members use this facility to share, contribute and exchange their information within it.

By contributing content into this greater reference base, you will have a richer set of information to draw upon to assist you with your implementation efforts and your organization's sponsorship of those efforts. The results can benefit your current implementation efforts as well as improve your future efforts.